Vikings against Racism

Hands of Lugh do not discriminate against others based on race, religion or gender;

The people of the British Isles, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe were white; Northern Europe is not known for it’s hot sunny days. However, they were travelers and traders, The Vikings may have raided Europe, but they traded with the East.
“They [Vikings] treat their servants well and dress exquisitely because they are such keen traders” -Ahmed Ibn Fadlan

Modern day white supremacists trace their “heritage” to 1930’s Germany when Nazis corrupted runic symbols in a desperate attempt to validate their hateful ideals. Their “pride” is based on nothing but ignorance and willingness to be manipulated.

We of the Hands of Lugh treat others as Ahmed Ibn Rustah, A 10th century Persian explorer, described the Rus:
They are generous to each other, honour their guests and treat well those who seek refuge with them, and all who come to visit them. They do not allow anyone to annoy or harm these. And whenever anyone dares to treat them unfairly they help and defend them.”