The Hands of Lugh is an active Living History Society focusing on the Viking age (793-1066 AD).

We are a nonprofit society using educational displays and demonstrations to portray aspects of the Viking life with costumed interpretation, craft demonstrations and rebated steel combat displays.

We attend events throughout the year, many of which are open to the public, where we set up to display, demonstrate, and teach others about many aspects of the Viking age. Our members have a diverse range of skills and make much of our own equipment, including clothing, furniture, and even weapons. We strive for an ever-increasing level of authenticity based on archeological and historical sources.

Additionally, we have regular year-round meetings in both western Manitoba as well as Winnipeg, to work on our combat skills as well as create and improve our living history skills and displays.

Our group is diverse and inclusive, and we are always looking to include new members interested in learning and participating with us. We will work with you, sharing historical sources and resources to help you get started on your own equipment.

We are also looking to form partnerships with festivals and event organisers interested in adding some viking flair to their events.